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Computer Point (India)

January 1990 - December 1991

The Fun Years

  • I was responsible for Tier 3 technical support to Computer Point’s (CP) customer support departments.

  • I provided technical guidance to field engineers and third-level customer support for entire CP product range.  

  • I helped publish warranty terms and conditions, and annual maintenance contracts for CP computer systems and software. 

  • I trained field engineers and software support engineers on CP products.

In 1990, I worked as a Technical Support Manager and operated out of Computer Point's corporate office in Bangalore. My primary responsibility was to support Field Engineers in debugging and servicing CP products. The job started with setting up a formal technical support process. I then collected, collated, and compiled technical data on all the products carried by Computer Point eventually creating technical manuals. I designed, documented, and distributed support bulletins to all the Field Engineers across the country. I provided L3 assistance to field engineers and customers using remote diagnostics, problem identification, troubleshooting, and resolution (repair or replacement). I would then document this problem/solution knowledge article and distribute to the engineers.


In 1991, my responsibilities included evaluation, integration, and testing of network products on the UNIX (Xenix) platform. This involved acquiring new skills, following complex installation procedures, and performing diagnostics. I was trained by vendors on their network products. I mastered ISO/OSI standards and all three network topologies (red book level). During this period, I successfully installed duplex UNIX servers on a local network for a leading Indian bank (Vijaya Bank, HO, Bangalore).


As a senior second-level customer support leader, I helped in writing warranty terms and conditions and annual maintenance contracts for computer systems and software supported by CP. I also assisted the Education and Consultancy division in designing and developing UNIX and C training modules (CBTs).

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