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Wipro InfoTech

July 1986 - January 1990

Great Years of work!

In the mid-1980s, Wipro was a leading manufacturer of mini-computer systems in India.


  • I started as a field engineer supporting early Wipro mini-computer systems based on Intel 8086/80286 microprocessors. These systems ran a multi-user operating system called “WDOS” (Wipro Disk Operating System) licensed from Sentinel Corporation. WDOS was a multi-user OS oriented towards database architecture. These systems were ideal for payroll processing, inventory control, and financial accounting. During these years, I was also responsible for the installation and maintenance of Wipro Personal Computers.


  • In 1987, when Intel launched the 80386 processor, Wipro was one of the first companies to launch a mini-computer based on the 80386 microprocessor. These systems were based on Multibus II/Multibus III architecture and featured standard Euro-style cabinet/rack sizing. For the first time, Wipro offered the UNIX operating system – AT&T UNIX Version 5.2 - on these minicomputers. I started supporting (installing, setup, and configuring) these systems.


  • In the late 1980s, I was made responsible Wipro for establishing an area office in Bhubaneswar, India. The office expanded rapidly from a two-person office to six employees during my leadership in Bhubaneshwar.


  • In 1989, I was transferred to the Field Engineering Group’s training section in Bangalore. While I was with this group, I prepared detailed training manuals on systems, developed a comprehensive training schedule, and conducted training programs for more than a hundred field engineers. The training was segregated into two parts – one on the mini-computer systems, and the other on personal computer systems. Both involved hardware and software training. 

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